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Iron, Bacteria, Barbers and George Washington

Based upon the most modern cosmological observations of the universe… we understand about 4% of the story and that’s shrinking. It’s shrinking because the universe appears to be expanding… especially … Continue reading

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Castro with a cigar and some Czech Tourists, circa Cold War

Discovered this in a rummage pile at a second hand shop down around the corner.

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The trials of Henry Kissinger

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living abroad

altitude: 350┬ákm above sea level average speed: 27,700┬ákilometres per hour orbits per day: 15.7 Living space: about 40 square meters Number of toilets: 1 (repaired in 2008 at a cost … Continue reading

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brother number 2 or maybe 3

It’s 2009. Nearly 35 years since the Khmer Rouge slithered into power and tried to take the world back to YEAR ZERO- a time when all the wrongs of mankind … Continue reading

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everything is cool

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kenny rogers saves stroke victims, but then we knew that didn’t we?

thank you finland

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