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Cashews and DC-3’s

On Monday, the leader and self proclaimed “gift from God to Guinea Bissau”, President Joao Bernardo Vieira, was gunned down gangland style while trying to flee his crib in the capital. Earlier, the president’s arch rival, General Na Waie (No way), had been killed by a bomb that was laid in HIS lair.

Ok fine, this is the smallest country in Africa and their main export on (the books atleast) is cashews. I love cashews! As a cashew consumer i worry about price fluctuations in the short term. Thank God world leaders from around the world also shared my distress and chimed in about how this was a grave day for democracy in the littlest of countries….

Phoey. Viera and Chief “No way” were competing rivals yes, but they were also drug lords.

Let’s go to the map….

As you can see there’s a shload of islands in the quaint archipeligo that make up the province Bolama. Yet, strangely, the country has no navy. Maybe things are tight but I mean… a few gunboats, a coast guard? it would keep some people employed.

You can kinda guess where this story is leading? that’s right… Colombians in DC-3’s making pit stops as they ferry cocaine to Europe… and, in the process, bringing the Guinea-Bissau revenues that make the IMF loan-applications laughable.

Maybe it was a bitter rivalry gone sour between the General and the President. But this could also be about a new pimpmaster rising up through the ranks to assert power. Keep your eyes on the Cashews.


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