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Microbiology of trams

Public Transport is plenty fun when it’s not crowded and the stormtrooper old lady brigade isn’t out making you feel guilty for resting your legs. But when the 5:00 world begins… the normally pleasant, people-moving aquarium becomes a steamy sardine can on wheels.

This is when you start to question what you’re inhaling off the shoulders and coats of other people. The windows fog. Malodorous scents waft to and fro before your nose. You start wondering how these scents may have been created in the first place-

a dried out beerfrothed mustache,
no bath all winter,
one of these people must be a falconer,
swimming in ketchup

…your mind races

Needless to say, you immediately release the ceiling rail and think twice about touching anything. You ponder walking… but it’s raining outside and the sogged interior is your only comfort. YOU WILL stay with the ship.

Next morning you wake up with a hacking cough that sounds very reminiscent of the dear old lady who you gave your seat up to… you ponder whether it’s some tuberculosis… you think of the old lady’s face and see her as a child acquiring it during the war. now it’s resurfaced and it’s in you.

or maybe it’s just a virus that came from st. elsewhere… you roll over and hack some more…. feeling the entire pleural lining of your lungs spark. you recall being healthy and how blissfull it was.

People get sick in the winter not becasue of the cold per se, but because the cold draws us into closer quarters- up into someone else’s grill. I’ve decided to get better


One comment on “Microbiology of trams

  1. Danger
    March 4, 2009

    Don’t think I haven’t thought these very same things, Doc. (well, i’ve never had an active thought of pleural lining, but still….).

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