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Subatomic Consciousness

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Clorina came from a dysfunctional family. She never knew any of her relations. This made her both chemically and emotionally imbalanced. The marriage that her parents had shared before her birth dissolved the moment she arrived. The young girl never did understand why and always assumed total responsibility for the breakup. It was however inevitable. Clorina’s father was a simple but light-hearted, free spirit. He could be bright (when he wanted to be) but he also had a volatile temper. Clorina’s mother knew this side of him all too well. She locked herself away and drowned her sorrows in strong drink as a solution. It was in this time that Clorina was born.
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Initally, the child was placed under observation of the state, but soon she was able to escape her confinement and find refuge with some distant relatives that lived in the area. They knew of her story and helped her as much as they could. But they also had their own issues. Clorina made up her mind to be independent and content but she didn’t yet have the energy or the means to do so, so she got a few cleaning jobs at the hospitals around town and in between time, she’d try to be normal.
Clorina did not always find it easy to fit in with the people and places she encountered. She was a knockout but still very shy. Her manner accentuated her natural beauty, which often had an intoxicating effect on men and women alike. Even so, she remained unstable about her identity. Many suitors vied for her attention, most from the neighborhood in the 17th district, but love never seemed to be in the equation. Most of these young men had the same personal shortcomings as she did which only compounded Clorina’s weak self-image.

One winter, she did have a deep and passionate love affair with a boy from the coast. The two were inseparable. They brought a zest to everything they encountered and melted away the snowy loneliness of the season with each other’s company. It seemed for a time that Clorina was happy. But the showers of spring brought out the weaknesses in the relationship and drew the boy away to sea. Once again she was alone, wandering in jaded clouds that sank with her heavy heart.

Clorina’s personae, the shell with which she faced the world, was not entirely secure, although it held its own power over her. There were holes and needs that remained unfulfilled. She did what she could to hide her secret sorrows but they followed her everywhere. And then one day as she was walking to work, she had an overwhelming urge to throw herself upon an Argentine man who was sitting in a café taking photos. The man was bewildered by such behavior, but soon developed an impressionable love when he realized how well this woman completed him. Everyone in the café and even people in the streets stopped and watched this beautiful bond forming. The couple was glowing. Surely this was love.


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