cult and paste

be careful where you clique

The Duel cellula e cellula

“Every cell originates from another existing cell like it”

With this simple observation in 1858, Rudolf Virchow secured himself a seat at the helm of Modern Pathology. It then follows that the basis for all life and disease can be morphologically traced from cell to cell. Virchow left behind lots of things with his stamp of approval… his triangle, his angle, his disease, his triad explanation for why blood clots (stasis of blood, vascular damage and changes in the constituents of the blood itself). Yeah Yeah, so he did a lot of medical discovery; well he was also uber-political.

Virchow was a founding member of the Deutsche Fortschrittsparte, the party of progress which was adamantly opposed to the Military budgets of then realpolitik chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. Rudy wanted to spend more money on infrastructure, on public health initiatives- microscopes in every classroom, no child left behind, yes we can…etc.

The open criticism of the Bis finally reached a climax in 1865 when the chancellor challenged Virchow to an outright duel.  As Virchow was the invitee, he had the right to choose the weapons of mass destruction. And like a good pathologist, he went straight for the sausage. He sent Bismarck details: two pork snausages- one innoculated with Vibrio Cholera, one without…

The chancellor quickly called off the festivities.


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