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Mcluhan vs Mailer: rumble in the Canada


One comment on “Mcluhan vs Mailer: rumble in the Canada

  1. Tay
    March 18, 2009

    As long as he was alive and teaching at the University of Toronto McLuhan, from what I’ve heard, including from one of his colleagues, was never really accepted there. It’s kind of a sad story, actually. He probably would have been much happier in a more open minded University. U.C. Berkeley, for example!

    Whenever I see or hear of him I think of David Croneberg’s Videodrome. It’s a film that makes a lot more sense if you’ve lived in Toronto and get all the references. The character Brian O’Blivion is an obvious trope of McLuhan (whom Croneberg met at the U of T).

    It’s a great movie–cult classic from the 80’s. The best line is when James Woods takes his date back to his apartment and she asks, “Do you have any porn?” Ah, the 80’s.

    Strangely, Croneberg lives less than 100 yards from me. I suppose I’ll probably run into him in the back alley that runs behind his house and mine one of these days.


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