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The virus that cures

Before the Antibiotic age ever began, a strategy much more aesthetic and logical was devised to keep harmful microbes out of the system. This is the story of Phage therapy, a technique of using viruses to kill bacteria – viruses that only infect specific bacteria. In most medical microbiology textbooks, phage therapy gets about a page. That’s because of the Cold War. While western medical journals went to great lengths to publish and encourage new pharmaceutical drug development, nearly all research on phage was confined to the Warsaw Bloc countries who still use it today. This documentary is dated… As of 2007 the FDA approved Phage research in the US, it may soon show up again as a countermeasure to increasing outbreaks of MRSA.

Antibiotics kill everything they latch onto- good bacteria and bad. Phage only goes after the bad. It’s quite sad that some of the world’s top experts in this very narrow field are passing away without passing on their knowledge. Here’s an electron micrograph of bacteria viruses infecting a single cell:


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This entry was posted on March 16, 2009 by in Film, Health.
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