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Plush toys take flight


Another breakthrough in the field of space travel was broken this past winter when some British kids sent a team of teddy bears into space. The bears (seen above at 100,000ft in their touring clothes) are apparently loving life and responding well to gravity. The project involved a large weather balloon, helium, a digital camera, a thermometer, a gps monitor and, apparently some bondage. Read more about the kids and all the teddy bears that didn’t make it back (and/or escaped to Denmark) here

As if there isn’t enough crap in orbit. There is. NASA has been making all sorts of new graphs since February 10, 2009, when two used and abused satellites kablooied over Siberia at a collision speed of 11.7 KILOMETERS PER SECOND!!! The guys in the space station have ordered Hal to take over if anything comes near it. Their contingency plan relies on… escaping in an escape pod. In 1996, Lottie Williams became the first person to be struck by Space junk. She was hit on the shoulder by a chunk of a fuel tank. She says it didn’t hurt.


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