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You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough – 1995

Adam Curtis is really good at tracking down people that used to work for important people and picking their brains. You may have seen other programs that he’s done… The century of self is an excellent series on the history of psychiatry, the trap, the power of nightmares…. This particular episode is from a block he did in the 90’s entitled the living dead. In it, he investigates the mind control experiments of the Cold War.


2 comments on “You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough – 1995

  1. taymoss
    March 22, 2009

    1) I regularly give counselling to a woman that was institutionalized in Quebec in the 60’s/70’s. She has some very disturbing stories of what ECT was like–large portions of her memory and personality were simply wiped out in an effort to make her “better.” Eventually she managed to escape the hospital and by the time she was institutionalized again years later they no longer did that sort of thing. Being a psych patient in those days could be truly horrifying. She has a very antagonistic attitude toward mental health providers as a result!

    2) Sure, cruise missiles are impressive. The ones common in the era this video were made would simply fly to a designated point and hit something stationary like a building. But programs such as Tacit Rainbow developed cruise missiles that actually went to an area and hunted. But the cutting edge now is unmanned areal vehicles of the “Predator,” “Reaper,” and “Warrior” varieties. These are generally flown remotely by operators, but it is reported that they have advanced automated flight modes as well.

    3) If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and want to be freaked out generally I recommend _The Age of Spiritual Machines_ by Raymond Kurzweil. He postulates that we will make ourselves obsolete, eventually, by creating things that are better at “living” than we are. No big “Terminator” style war–just fading into obsolescence.

  2. cultandpaste
    March 22, 2009

    better at living… there’s a whole lot in that.

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