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The state of the FDA

There’s a new big cheese in FDA town, Margaret Hamburg(er). The outgoing FDA Commissioner, Andrew C. von Eschenbach, likened the organization that he headed for 3 years to a cancer patient (as in cancer often grows undetected for years and only manifests as a big problem late in the game). Well it’s only appropriate that the good doctor talks like this, he is an oncologist, AND he’s been at the wheel while the FDA has seriously blown it.

The food and drug administration oversees roughly 1 trillion dollars worth of consumer goods….make-up (most of which is unchecked animal fat and metallic dust), food and food-like food, vaccines, fertilizers, gene transplantations in tomatoes and so on… if you can smell corruption, its actually peanuts compared to the underworld dealings the agency has with pharma-maniacs like the monsanto corporation. For years the very companies that this agency is supposed to REGULATE, have penetrated congressional leaders to pass legislation that they wrote- take the teeth out of corporate responsibility/culpability…. isn’t that the goal of every ceo- to reduce risk for his/her business?

Long term thinking?

The long term benefit just hasn’t fit into the equation. In the 80’s we spent millions on AIDS therapy research but far less on AIDS vaccine research. Today, we face even more complicated issues: food companies wanting to apply nanotechnology to food? it cuts costs and tastes great. yeah but what will nano-food do to our intestines and immune systems? they haven’t been conditioned for nano-mayo. I fear that such foods will be unleashed on unsuspecting dinner tables. It will be up to the individual to figure out what’s safe and what isn’t. I mean that’s how drugs work- if nobody dies in the first 3 years- we renew the license….Is that really all we can expect of progress? I hope Margaret can see the light. I heard husband works in artificial intelligence-  hmmm.

image of pill man by bryanchristiedesign where you can find lots more anatomical awesomeness


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