cult and paste

be careful where you clique

cancer and how it changes people

As a species we have definitely become well differentiated. People commit their lives to all sorts of specializations- because they can, because we’re all interdependent. Some people spend their whole professional careers doing something insanely minute- like learning to spot cancer EARLY.

It’s an art… really.

it requires a knowledge of body geography and ecology, it requires knowing the cell personality- whether it’s organized, messy, uniformed; the labels it wears, the messages it sends out, it’s dietary habits, what colors it looks good in….

yet even for pathologists and a lot of other people, we depend upon the system for our survival- somebody else growing food, sending it to us, cooking it. we need other people building microscopes and running internet…. and of course plenty of people developing cancer.

what is cancer? abberant cell growth…. uncontrolled division, bringing down the state, the planet, the system.

every moment, including this one… cells in your body are dividing, growing, dying, reproducing new cells to carry on the function of being you. And yes, somewhere in you, right now, there’s some anarcho-terrorist cells trying to graffitti your DNA or kick in a door… and leaving a mutation behind on your blueprint. i mean, with 70 trillion cells there’s bound to be some errors going down. Some of these mutations may give you an edge- that’s the basis of evolution. Just as often, the effects can be devastating. Imagine some cell coming along, thinking it can do better without the organ, without the system. It wants a new system, a new world order. What about you? Those cells are you, The system is you. What do you do? Luckily you’ve come equipped with an alarm system and a local security detail.

if the guards can reach the riot zone and check everyone’s paperwork, the cell(s) will either live to see another day or may be induced to die for the good of the state- you. this is called apoptosis- programmed cell death. imagine the sacrifice- you better have some pretty important stuff to take care of, these cells are banking on you.

trouble arises when the number of abberant cells start bringing down overall function- the factories strike… burning, looting soon follow. famine and opportune diseases move in…. cells die… you can see where this is going

what kind of cells are these disobedient types- pathologists note that the tell tale sign of malignancy is proliferation without maturation


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