cult and paste

be careful where you clique

this week on craft corner: the versatility of benzoylmethylecgonine as an art media

It’s been a pretty busy month at the Barcelona Airport. On March 6, the policia made a “routine plaster cast check” on a 66 year old passenger from Chile. The man did authenticate himself in an x-ray machine- one broken leg. But the cast caved under questioning. When officials sprayed it with Cobalt-thiocyanate, it reacted by turning blue. Just another 5kg South American cocaine handicraft to add to the airport’s gallery. The man with the broken leg has been recasted as a prisoner.

But the Catalan Art world has once again busted to life with the discovery this past Friday of a 42 piece dinner set from Venezuela, which upon dishwashing, weighed in at 20kg. The 4H clubs are booming. Meanwhile guys with broken legs finish last.


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