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The Czech government is about to hit the wall and the only question is why? Are they incompetent politicians or are they standing in the way of bigger fish? It’s difficult to say…

1. On the one hand you have the Czech people, weary of foreign influences pervading their sovereignty, but haunted enough by memories of Russian tanks to go along with installing a US radar base. So they toy with the idea and break ground but delay the Tonka trucks and earth movers. (Debate)

2. As the 6-month mouthpiece of the EU parliament, the current Czech delegation has done nothing but try to undermine the consolidation of EU authority. The Lisbon treaty has been accepted by every country except Ireland and the Czech republic. Is this current dissolution of the government some kind of underhanded reaction by the Bilderbergs et. al to get “some of our people in there to pass that thing through”? Yes, the EU having their own president will make the federation shiny and cohesive-( yes we can), but it will also add just one more layer of separation between governors and the governed. Look what that’s doing to the US, I mean the Banker coup d’etat is almost a sealed deal. (Argue)

3. The Czechs need to either fall in line with the rest of Europe and pull their weight, OR alternatively get some politicians who are actually up to the challenge of REALPOLITIK…i.e. If you want to use America to stave off Russia and capitalize on the strengths and weaknesses of being a sideshow EU member, you need to get your PR strategy in order. You gotta play your cards better.

4. Krteček needs more visibility in the new government


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This entry was posted on March 26, 2009 by in Power.
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