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Iron, Bacteria, Barbers and George Washington

Based upon the most modern cosmological observations of the universe… we understand about 4% of the story and that’s shrinking. It’s shrinking because the universe appears to be expanding… especially along the edges, faster and faster. As it blebs, more and more of what we see out there is undetectable to our senses. We dub the unseen stuff “Dark Matter”.

Dark Matter is governed by “Dark Energy”, which in turn is managed by the “Dark Side” from a modest NATO office in Hamburg.

Hopefully the boys and girls working on The Flying Burrito collider in Switzerland will get their machine back online in time for the Holidays, and discover if there really is a Higgs-Boson particle underpinning everything. This could reveal a great deal about the “Dark Side”.

All that said… from what little we can observe, the sixth most abundant element visible to us as of right now is IRON; it’s all over the place. It’s in the ground, it’s in the stars, it’s inside you.

Just how much is inside you? About 3 or 4 grams. You need iron; so does every living organism on this planet. Why? Because Iron is magical…. It has a way of making unlikely chemical reactions happen. Reactions that would never take place, or otherwise take years to occur- Iron can pull things together very well…  but that can be dangerous too.


  • We need Iron to pull Oxygen tight into our blood cells.
  • We need Blood cells because Oxygen doesn’t dissolve very well in blood (about 3% is maxed).
  • We need Oxygen to clump Hydrogen ions on as we make ATP energy.
  • We need ATP because it keeps the pumps pumping and the lights on
  • We need to keep the pumps and the lights on so we can buy stuff (preferably stuff made out of iron)

i just love the way she says capillary. anyway we need iron, but there’s also a down side- Iron is dangerous…


  • Iron can create free radicals, stealing electrons from the wrong places and make cells implode
  • Iron can bind to the wrong crap and muck up the factory
  • Bacteria love iron, if they sense it’s loose in you, they’ll find it and vandalize you in the process (that’s why there’s almost no iron in milk- bacteria would invade the boob)

Hmmm… indeed iron must be loved. Your body loves iron so much it has no way of excreting it… well you could bleed. That’s what barbers used to do. That’s why their poles are streaked red. There used to be a dish at the top for the leeches and one at the bottom to bleed into. Then modern medicine and the beard tax came along and the barbers took to cutting more hair.

There are certain times and places when bloodletting is the best medicine. However, it must be noted that blood letting as a tactical strategy to avoid inflammation is not a great idea. George Washington spent his last conscious moments on this earth being bled. Seen Below is the bedside scene. Not seen is the blood pan that sucked the living daylight out of one fine freemason.

Most people these days worry about LACK of iron rather than too much- especially women, who regularly slough off a monthly layer of endometrium…. they need a lot more raisins than the menfolk. If you are one of those few people living with Hemochromatosis (an oversupply of iron) and you don’t follow a regimented diet, you could end up setting off a metal detector with your liver.


One comment on “Iron, Bacteria, Barbers and George Washington

  1. phoenixpony
    April 30, 2009

    I love the legos! I have yet to set off any dectectors though…I am probably not as iron rich as some of the other “rusties” though.

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