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429 years in jail

This is the story of Mr. Anthony Hislar. He’s 27. In September 2008, Mr. Hislar was arrested at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, where he was eluding police. Disneyland is just the kind of place you might want to hide out and cool off after a 5 day meth-induced psychonautic romp. Mr. Hislar indeed romped- more than a dozen felony counts including:

  • carjackings: as in more than one (one of which had children in the back)
  • a Wachovia bank robbery
  • a skateboard shop hold-up,
  • shooting an unarmed but liscensed psychologist,
  • breaking into a few homes,
  • breaking into a beachside changing room,
  • resisting arrest- the arrester-ess broke her legs and accidentally dislodged a metal plate from Hislar’s clavicle.

The best part of the story is that when Mr Anthony was arrested, he was riding the rides in tomorrowland and hanging out with a couple he had met on Myspace who were seemingly oblivious to his hijinks.

File:Disneyland plaque.jpg

As California works under the “3 strikes your out” system, and as this is the third time Mr. Hislar has been convicted… He received 25 years for each felony. Mr. Hislar is now in good hands and could not be reached for comment.

Crystal Meth… Mr. Hislar’s drug of choice is a very crappy one.

Methamphetamine has quite an interesting history. It was first derived from the alkaloid Ephedrine in 1894 by the Japanese (some historians believe that the Ephedra plant may have been the soma referenced in the ancient Rig Veda). The drug’s earliest modern application was exemplified by the German blitzkrieg. Soldiers in tanks, in planes, and on foot were rationed dainty chocolate nyum-nyums laced with methamphetamine. Up until a 2003 friendly fire incident in Afghanistan, the US military still distributed amphetamines as a stimulant (amphetamines are like meth but without the methyl group, it acts by modulating other neurotransmitters and gets degraded faster)

The drug works by imitating adrenalin. In measured amounts it can help narcoleptics and people with various forms of Parkinson’s. Methamphetamine activates a class of adrenergic receptors that are part of the sympathetic nervous system. Your heart beats faster,  your vessels contract, your bronchial airways expand- you begin fighting or flighting…

Meanwhile, in your brain, Meth can cross the blood brain barrier with ease, and induce a dopamine and serotonin rave party. Usually, during a thought or in other unspecified neuronal activity, neurotransmitters are released and neurons thus communicate. These exchanges are usually cleaned up and most of the bits get recycled. But with Meth all the transporters reverse their normal work and end up releasing all the neurotransmitter back into the synaptic cleft- hence the irrational exhuberance.

Now your heart’s racing and you also begin to have very focused delusions of grandeur and hubris. Your self-confidence and paranoia increase simultaneously. “It’s time to go Disneyland” you say.

And this cycles into addiction and brain damage. Too much overstimulation and things get shot. Most meth addicts, get so hooked that they forget about everything else and begin making a series of bad decisions that leads to tooth decay, STD’s and time in the slammer.

It’s really a shame that so many ignorant people can get screwed up so easily without even knowing how. Instead of punishing maybe we should help them understand WHY they shouldn’t go after crap. Goodnight Anthony.


One comment on “429 years in jail

  1. taymoss
    April 9, 2009

    Check out for a very detailed medical and philosophical analysis of the possibilities for chemical nirvana. The person that wrote this guide sure sounds like he knows of what he speaks, at least clinically, and goes beyond street drugs and those available by Rx to talk about whole classes of experimental drugs that have only been used on a trial basis or possibly only on animals. My favorites: Flibanserin (a female aphrodisiac being trialed in Europe) and Amineptine (trade names Survector, Maneon).

    Amineptine (Survector) is a cleanish, (relatively) selective dopamine reuptake blocker. Higher doses promote dopamine release too. Amineptine is pro-sexual and liable occasionally to cause spontaneous orgasms. It is a mild but pleasant psychostimulant and a fast-acting mood-brightener. Unlike most other tricyclics, it doesn’t impair libido or cognitive function. Unlike typical stimulants and other activating agents, it may actually improve sleep architecture. Scandalously, amineptine isn’t licensed and marketed in Britain and America. For it is feared it might have “abuse-potential”. FDA pressure led to its withdrawal in Europe too. This drove amineptine onto the pharmaceutical grey market, discomfiting doctors and patients alike. (From the Good Drug Guide)

    This drug is very good for treating depression and functions as another tool in the clinicians toolbox, but was removed from the market because of the mere potential for abuse. Sigh. -t

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