cult and paste

be careful where you clique

Power and Headgear



  • Thank you Kohen Gadol for the idea of formal shaman urban-turban wear
  • Thank you Michael III, the drunkard, for making it imperially cool to wear hats
  • Thank you Leo IX for the Papal Bull, delineating who was entitled to wear a snowcone
  • Thank you Padre Pio for having no hand in this whatesoever
  • Thank you Pope Shenouda III for bringing back the bling
  • Thank you Vesalius for calling the mitral valve, mitral

One comment on “Power and Headgear

  1. Tay
    April 22, 2009

    I miss the days when I got to wear my Biretta to lead the Stations of the Cross… funny hats rule!

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