cult and paste

be careful where you clique

“They do a little time in jail and they don’t eat pork no more”

so says Wanda Cromtie, the sole sister of Mr. James Cromtie, 44, who is now in custody along with the other three stooges, David Williams, Onta Williams and Haitian assistant Laguerre Payen. These guys took the FBI bait and bit hard- they were gonna be terrorist superstars. They used to be baptists, but like Wanda says,”They do a little time in jail and they don’t eat pork no more”.

It’s difficult to tell where ringleader James cooked up this homegrown terror. Was it while he was building up an “extensive criminal record” i.e. doing time for selling drugs in a school zone? Was it his crackhead henchman Onta? Was it the Schizophrenic Laguerre who’s most recent bust was an ingenious plot to use a BB gun in a drive by and thus acquire a purse? or was it David the bearded one who had distemper and worked at a Steakhouse ….

or was it only AFTER

After… Cromtie met his 52 year old Pakistani FBI “informant” friend who taught him the ins and outs of FIM-92 surface to air missiles that things began rolling? I wonder how those guys fared at Geography and tactical weapons strategies before and after their “priming”? Even the FBI informant appears to have been blackmailed into the position. The guy was threatened with deportation for helping people cheat on driving tests down at the DMV. Whoa that’s absolutely terrorable….

Terrorism is bad enough, there’s no need to plant “evil” seeds in people’s heads. I’m not saying these guys didn’t do what the reports say. They did. I’m saying they’re just the kind of dummies that the bureau needs to keep things looking busy and necessary. A lot of new staff was hired after 9/11, don’t you think those guys want to keep their job? Is it wrong to set traps for bad guys? If there aren’t any really bad guys can we make some out of so so bad guys?

Meanwhile the entire city of New York gets hypertension and television news anchors get off.

Where’s the equal time for the real life white supremacy groups, Abortion clinic bombers and Mexicali Ganglanders who don’t need “over a year” of coaxing to do their dirty deeds?  Golly, if i were a secret agent man, it would be very tempting to maintain a 40 hour work week by cherry picking instead of going after ultra-danger.

From a judicial perspective you can’t ask for a better case. James Cromtie and his American cohorts can now be tried as treason- not only did they plant bombs at a synagogue, they also intended to “blow military aircraft out of the sky”…..right. I’m sure they thought that one up by themselves.

What is sedition? Hmmm, it’s in the constitution listed as a no no. Sedition- conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch. 1 in 32 people in America are currently in in the Criminal Justice System. There’s always room for a few more….

(Above) Stinger Missile Buy-Back Advertisement in Afghanistan.

At least 500 such weapon systems remain out on loan to the Mujahadeen from the operation cyclone


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