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Worms survive Space Shuttle explosions but still get addicted to nicotine

confocal C. elegans

Caenorhabditis elegans is a transluscent hermaphrodite nematode…. hermaphroditic 99.95% of the time. There are males around to spice things up every once in a while and offer some new genes. C. elegans was the first organism to have its entire DNA sequenced. Spanning about one millimeter, they have over 20,00o genes. Knowing the order of the chromosome’s nucleotides doesn’t necessarily say anything about the function of the genes… unless they are genes that other organisms share- those genes we call important

There’s a surprising bunch of similarities to “higher species”- that’s what makes these organisms so sought after by scientists. is a free catalogue database where people all around the world speculate and establish conclusions about genes, proteins, and function in these animals

At this moment there are lines of these worms growing all over the world. Laboratory technicians have found ways to get fluorescent molecules into living breeds, by hook and crook. They do this to be cool and to be accepted by other laboratory technicians in their peer group who also are trying to understand how cells and organs actually work. Whether or not glowing changes their behavior remains to be seen.


One comment on “Worms survive Space Shuttle explosions but still get addicted to nicotine

  1. Tay Moss
    June 3, 2009

    They also create these worms in an effort to pick-up girls. Obviously, the technicians’ genes are rarely transmitted.

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