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What a creative name for a creative company: General Motors

GM technology is so innovative

From the beginning this company was a mess. Billy Durant could barely afford to keep things under his control back in the nineteen-o-o’s. He just kept buying other successful car companies and turning them into a company’s company. Later Durant got shoved out and replaced by the Dupont minion, John Jakob Raskob. Mr. Raskob, who is better known for building the Empire State building, created the idea of “installments.” and issued credit to customers and dealers alike. When the economy sank into depression it was Alfred P. Sloan the MIT boy who saved the day. Alfred P. Sloan the Nazi sympathizer who admired uniforms and uniformity. Mr. Sloan introduced wunderbar business strategies to Michigan like planned obsolescence and the “count the unsold inventory as company assets to make us look thick.”

Developing an electric car and then shelving it, creating a hybrid and then dumping it to buy Hummer instead…. that’s progress. All the line workers  and union members in factoryville who were too weak to ask questions and just took the 75 dollars per hour pay stubs without demanding more foresight from their employers, they’re rethinking it now.

I DO feel bad for all the librarians, supermarket managers and florists who lose their Michigan towns and businesses. Meanwhile the morons who thought up the Chevette get to go to Asia.


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