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Gangland Alert: Phoenix Family Roberson

ma fratelli anne ramsey ma barker

Telecom mom loses job and organizes her kids into a carpool posse that raids other people’s children. Take their lunch money, their ipods, their lollipops, their… Arizona innocence. Cynthia White Roberson was detained after her band of sons and brothers, aged 12-20 got a little too bumptious about their exploits and related incriminating details concerning 20+ nefarious incidents including burglary, assault and lollipop theft to others within their peer group.

Upon being detained, Mrs. Roberson and her thyroid gland attempted to pull out the victim card. She was after all just driving them around, “I thought it was some kind of gang initiation.” 12 year olds with guns. Their brains aren’t even fully connected yet.

Note: The wonderful Anne Murray who played the role of Ma Fratelli in 1985, succumbed to reccurrent laryngeal cancer in 1988. In the photograph above, a prominence can be noted in her left jaw. On the other hand a close up of Ma Roberson reveals that she is just plain fugly inside and out. Throw a book at her.

cynthia white roberson crew


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