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Man Maps Meandering Mississippi River

Harold Fisk 1944 Mississippi River meander alluvial floodplain map

Harold fisk artist geologist and mississippi river guru of the floodplainThe 1944 publication of the “Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River” was a landmark achievement for the U.S. Geological Survey. In a feat of aesthetic ingenuity, engineer-geologist-artist Harold N. Fisk (1908-1964) combined all available modern powers of earth, sky and water and collated them into a remarkable illustrated map collection that spanned miles and miles of the Mississippi. The New Deal era created an employment boom for the USGS; lucky for lazy river lovers everywhere.

Mississippi is Ojibwe for “Great River” (misi-ziibi). Doodoosh means “breast”, doodooshaaboo means “milk” and doodooshaaboo-bimide means “butter.” Boogidi means “he/she flatulates.” You never know.

(via RadicalCartography)


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