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No More Bongo

Omar Bongo Stutz Royale Gabon limo velvet crib

Omar Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon has died. His friends called him Omar Bongo. One Norwegian foreign Minister mistakenly identified him as Bongo from the Congo. Whatever… No more Bongo. He went down in Barcelona. It was his heart. The Bongo was 73.

For 41 years Mr. Bongo ruled Gabon. In 2008 when Fidel Castro retired his fatigues and put on that awful track suit, it was Bongo who became the World record holder for most years logged as a national powerman.

stutz royale gabon velvet throne designated waving chair omar bongo

Bongo leaves behind a relatively stable country, some statues of himself and plenty of bookkeeping to look into. The man had a number of grand estates in France and St. elsewhere, not to mention his velvety Stutz Royale- one of only three ever made. I wonder who gets the keys to the limo anyway…. When managing oil revenue for Elf it’s always difficult to keep your hands clean. Jacko sighted getting some kind of Bongo lifetime achievement award. Vaya con Dios Señor Bongo.

Franceville by huguesn.michael jackson omar bongo holding hands


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