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People of the Zubaz: fashion meets anabolic steroids

zubazstan zubaz pants

The Zubaz pantaloon company has a long complex history. At it’s height in the early 90’s Zubaz clothed every American football team. Today, its reach extends to the four corners of the earth. Through a network of Third world mission barrels and viral trailer park marketing, Zubaz has truly made a significant dent in the Human experience.

It all started with a guy that just wanted to look a little more like a tiger.  Apparently a lot of people shared this dream. In 1991 the Zubaz company had already sold $100 million worth of product. By 1997 the company was bankrupt.

But now they’re back and retailing on Amazon is so much more than books. You can find all sorts of other great merchandise like the 3 wolf t-shirt and uranium in a can. Here’s what customer Alan E. Schmidt had to say about his Zubaz pants. notice Zubaz is capitalized….

220 of 230 people found the following review helpful:

Alan writes, Who’s the man??, May 9, 2009

“I was searching for clothes that speak to me.. These pants not only spoke to me, they entered my soul and transformed me. When I get out of my 78 camaro wearing these bad boys, there’s no question who the boss man is.. You can easily go commando in these and feel even more manly. Your junk swings freely and using the restroom is that much easier.. Accessories to consider: Flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off. The “don’t mess with me” look. flip flops – The casual “I’m too lazy to get fully dressed” look. baseball helmet with two beer can holders on the sides. Ball cap worn backwards or to the side. You know I’m coooool. These pants will get the ladies. There are many many places these can be worn to attract the female species: Tractor pull Walmart NASCAR events Your local neighborhood crack houses. The drug rehab rec room Any place in the state of IOWA. I recommend buying multiple pairs. Keep an extra pair in the trunk of your car.. You never know where you will wake up in the morning but you will always have a clean pair of these bad boys with you”


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