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Say it with a skateboard: Discussions in Heat

Check out these brainiacs. A lot of Physics was discussed in 1911, with and without mustaches. I bet Dr. Jeans (#11) got made fun of for not bringing his facial hair to the table. Madame Curie got some jibes too, but then she probably threatened to ionize anyone that crossed her. Mr. Perrin (#21) has read the same sentence 5 times and still doesn’t get it.

Quantum Physics is a great conversation icebreaker because it’s something we all share and yet don’t understand. On the other hand, homelessness is the exact opposite. It’s definitely not as standardized as physics or coca-cola. If given the choice, I’d prefer a vagrant’s life in Honolulu to down and out Belarusian destitution.

And so it goes. Two homeless homies from San Mateo, California are finally having their day in a court”house” after getting into a heated and violent discussion about quantum physics and the splitting of atoms.

On March 30th, 2009, Jason Everett Keller apparently took up arms against one Stephan Fava during a routine-homeless-guy-discussion about the nature of the universe. For reasons unknown, Fava was lambasted with a skateboard across the face that left him with a split lip and a deeper understanding of intra-nukular forces.

(via appletree)


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