cult and paste

be careful where you clique

Ten podcasts that could change the course of your life

mind expander listen podcast

  1. Radiolab -discoveries from the past and present with great sound effects
  2. Best of youtube– an eye for great nonsense
  3. Stuff you should know– information via humor
  4. TED talks– ongoing coolness and egos the size of galaxies
  5. Quirks and Quarks– highlights of recent large scale science fair projects
  6. Big Ideas– experts chosen at random do their thing
  7. KEPX Music that matters– new and forgotten music
  8. Democracy Now– unfiltered news from left field
  9. Cult of UHF– drive-in movies
  10. Molecular and Cell Biology (the lectures by Fyodor Urnov) – Genetics broken down by a mad Russian scientist

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