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Lesley Stahl takes a stab at mind reading

Before I get to the brunt of this transmission, let me point out that the world record for “Largest Object Removed From Human Skull” goes to survivor Michael Hill of Jacksonville, Florida. I think the title should include something about being alive, as i’ve seen lots of big objects removed from a human skull. I’m sure the Guinness people have you sign off on something, I don’t know. To date my only world records are in dispute.

Mr. Hill has lost the function of his left hand and has also incurred a bit of memory misplacement, but he’s still very lucky. That tip is pretty dern close to his brainstem. He has a devoted following of neurologists who want to know exactly how his brain is adapting over time. With the development of technology like the  fMRI, brain evaluation can be illustrated while you think.

Right now these machines are clunky and expensive, but fMRI’s will soon be here in affordable helmet size. With increased access to scanning, the active brain will be mapped even faster than the human genome, but like the genome- mapping and understanding don’t necessarily equate. Funny, I think that works in a lot of other cases as well: People that have the map out usually have very little understanding of their surroundings- I’m thinking of Geneticists as well as Japanese tourists and Spanish Conquistadors.

What comes after we start unfolding things is a big debate…  oops we’re already there: Think of all the new mental disorders that will be self diagnosable. Think of all the ways a fabric softener company will be able to personally meet your fabric softener needs…. of course the debate on which direction things go will probably be postponed or skipped in lieu of some cataclysmic national security threat or simply because the debaters aren’t doing their homework.

So while Pandora’s black box is finally being gutted, you can rest assured that everything is under control. The terrorists can be detected in utero, and children with pyromaniac tendencies can be premedicated.

psychoprophylaxis i can read your mind

Here’s the luscious Lesley Stahl on 60 minutes trying to break things down. The part about a light beam watching your thought patterns from the skies, that’s just great: coming soon- humans finally get outsourced by “enlightened” machines who take our satellite access codes and finally domesticate us. Afterwards they get bored and decide to reboot… Are we just a layover in the great scheme of things, assuming that there is such a thing as progress.


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