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Dancing off with the Data

stock market trading floor

In the Stock trade, “low latency (microseconds) event-driven market data processing” can make or break your gains. That’s why Goldman Sachs and the NYSE have their panties in such a bunch over Mr. Sergey Aleynikov. Mr Sergio, Serge, Sergei…. however you want to handle him, is being held on $750,000 bail for allegedly stealing part of a top secret Goldman Sachs computer program that provides down-to-the-wire details about private accounts, stock info and God knows what else.

39 yr old Aleynikov, A New Jersey Russian, was part of the crew that built the program. Upon leaving the construction site, The FBI claims he packed up some of the program’s account codes and shoved them off to an undisclosed site in Germany. Disseminating such sensitive information could have major consequences on the way people hedge their bets on the trading floor.

Speaking of floors, Mr. Serge is quite the ballroom dancer. He and his wife, Elina, strut their stuff in the video below. Look at them glide. Good luck in court Serge.

(via Wired)


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