cult and paste

be careful where you clique

The cost of custom made hate

kid in kkk clan klan children the future is going to be rough

Ms. Ruth is a fifth generation seamstress specializing primarily in white hoodies. Today, a fitted Ku Klux Klan jumpsuit runs about $140- that’s a commitment. Gotta look sharp when you’re out being a hater. Early on Nathaniel Bedford Forrest and his merry crew used bedsheets, compensating style with violence.

Getting the children involved in the pomp BEFORE they can understand the circumstances… well hasn’t that always been the mainstay of any culture? A lot of what we call “culture” is no more than collective assumption and ignorance- what we fear and don’t understand. There are some recipes and rituals that should be passed along the generations, however based on what we know of science and geopolitics, we should all be passing on the lynching and the celebration of inbreeding.

The sad part is that Ms. Ruth is using the profits from her tailor shop to maintain her quadreplegic daughter named Lilbit. Why is it that everything is always tied together like this?

(via Mother Jones)


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