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Space Flush Fail and the Ghost of Keith Moon

iss space station toilet

This is the second time in a year that the international space station has been backed up, My hunch is one of the Discovery guests has some contraband cherry bombs, either that or Keith Moon is haunting the US waste and hygiene compartment. The last time this happened, it was a broken pump. Repair took weeks and totalled 19 million dollars. This time the problem arose when six liters of 2001 flush fluid somehow leaked into the wrong compartments. Such leakage could be ruinous for a number of important experiments on-going in the next room, however having people in orbit with a limited number of toilets sounds pretty experimental. (via BBC)

With 13 people currently squatting on the ISS, i’m sure that there’s talk of mutiny. The Russians have their own toilet, the people who came up on the Discovery have their in-flight lavatory. NASA believes that there is enough duct tape on board to get the toilet back online soon.


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