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Chewing on Big Red

what if the russians actually won the cold war…

not the soviets as the soviets, but a small fragment within the goverment that continued on in it’s mission
even to this day

i got to thinking on the plane  about how some russians are so incredibly smart…
like genius buddha aspergers smart.
so why was it they were always behind
ok not always behind
but atleast not always on the ball, not too motivated
in developing better nukes and bombers?
oh sure,
they lifted a finger when they had to,
but maybe their tactics didn’t match the West’s

What if they were playing according to a different playbook
What if they were following the Sun Tzu approach

the wise ruler avoids warfare altogether

undermine and destabilize your opponent not by your own force, but their’s

if you can identify the flaws and weaknesses in your opponent
then all you do is facilitate your opponent’s implementation of those weaknesses
to the point that your opponent seals his own demise

what if the kgb or some more specific unit within the soviet system was working to this end?
they saw the problems that arise with personal freedom, the limitations of true equality…

i.e. they saw all the potential for hypocrisy inherent in the western system and decided to capitalize.
they pushed here and there to promote these flaws to the point that the overall structure slowly began to fall apart,
meanwhile no one was paying attention… after all the west won.

nobody thought anymore about it.
but what if the cold war isn’t really over?


One comment on “Chewing on Big Red

  1. Danger
    February 19, 2010

    Fascinating idea, sir. I’d also like to express my sincerest appreciation for what has been a long-awaited follow up to Lunar Gallivanting never left the infield.

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