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Thank you for the Music

I got to thinking
about a conversation i had with my friend Mr P,
the drummer.

We got to talking about digital music software-
computer programs
that allow you to create sounds
and then the program generates rhythms and melodies based on set algorithms in the software.

And then I wonder- is the program making the melody? the programmer? the user? Who’s in charge?

Obviously these programs make amazing music,
depending upon how their codes are written,
as i read about the origins of much of the software,
i found that nearly all the algorithms are based upon the keyboard
There are very few programs built around string instruments or otherwise.

So you’re feeding a sound into a set
and the set generates variations

Musicians today are much more apt at sampling, mixing, creating a mash-up.
Is the mash-up melody the same as creating the melody?
Yes… why not
Creating a melody in your head is also based upon inputs…
the bee gees, the hammond organ, the memoirs of garibaldi.
Of course, the cross-connections are much more vast.

Musical software will no doubt improve and get better-
but it will always be an instrument
like a cuisinartThank you


One comment on “Thank you for the Music

  1. Mr P
    February 24, 2010

    It’s all about finding the ghost in the machine, a phrase I love to use to describe culling a heart-rending melody or brain-burning set of beats from a computer or machine made of metal and plastic. Extra props go to those who string together a whole bunch of machines like a 303 and a 909 and maybe a 606 to make that heart-rending combination. Or maybe they just have more money and bigger apartments than the rest of us

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