cult and paste

be careful where you clique

“i have constructed a file cabinet in my brain where i can put what i remember”

“Your mind has the capacity to invent
imaginary worlds,
making them so real
that they become real.”

The modern use of the word MAGIC
is a semantic bastard
compared to what it once was…

an all inclusive psycho-social paradigm
tinged with sex
that motivated, manipulated…
governed society
as it still does
under a different heading

Act I
the purveyor of these arts
was the magician, the alchemist, the astrologer.

each knew that memory…
the limits of memory
were the boundaries of imagination,
the playground.
this was the realm of his powers
his narrative
his playground

Act II
Enter the reformation
enter the suppression of imagery
and the beginnings of
matter of fact
and new masters
of science and technology
and the divine

*The life and death of Ioan Culiano are as mystical as his writings:
He spends his whole life
writing on magic
and the corruption of the Romanian state.
He develops a method for creating a photographic memory.

He then dies in a University of Chicago bathroom stall
a gunshot to the head.
His files are missing.


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