cult and paste

be careful where you clique

first drugs, then depression

more people take anti-depressants than antibiotics
over 22 million Americans on Fluoxetine (Prozac)

in 1970 the drug was released
in 1972 came the Feighner criteria…
14 ways in which patients could be considered mentally ill

later, depression became a self-diagnostic checklist
people were lining up to be declared unfit, unwell,


you took the medicine?
it made you feel good?
then obviously you were sick…. right?

what happened to being sad?
what happens when nothing but happiness is socially acceptable?

the only DSM exception in the diagnosis of depression
is bereavement
you may be sad for up to two months
and that’s considered perfectly normal
but if you go any further with your melancholy
you’re gonna get booked

yes virginia,
there is such a thing as depression
that does equate to real physical changes

the architecture of the brain changes
look up Brodmann area 25,

yet, the idea of penciling in a questionnaire
and popping out a diagnosis
so you can pop some pills and pop back to normal
smells like a huge quick fix cop-out

smells like bacon


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