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Get to know the Cathars, the cause for the first inquisition in the 12th century. They appear to have a gnostic, anarcho-christian-buddo-daoist take on life. They have been the source of a lot of curiosity over the centuries, mostly because of their violent suppression by the church and perhaps because they had some secrets to keep. Otto Rahn, the sheepish and eccentric expert on the Cathars was convinced they had the grail. So convinced was Rahn that the SS made him chief of archeology and gave him funding to find it. He didn’t. Instead he died alone in a forest.

The Cathars believed in light. A spark of divine light that existed in mankind. This light, or spirit, had fallen into captivity within a realm of corruption identified with the physical body and world. Their goal was liberation from the realm of limitation and corruption identified with material existence.

The path to liberation first required an awakening to the intrinsic corruption of the medieval “consensus reality”, including its ecclesiastical, dogmatic and social structures. Once cognizant of the grim existential reality of human existence (the “prison” of matter), the path to spiritual liberation became obvious: matter’s enslaving bonds must be broken. This was a step-by-step process, accomplished in different measures by each individual. The Cathars accepted the idea of reincarnation. Those who were unable to achieve liberation during their current mortal journey would return another time to continue the struggle for perfection. Thus, it should be understood that being reincarnated was neither inevitable nor desirable, and that it occurred because not all humans could break the enthralling chains of matter within a single lifetime

There is no “Welcome to Catharism” website because nearly all of them were killed or psyched out in the Albigensian Crusade.

It is widely held in the Cathar region of Southern France to this day that the escapees took with them le tresor cathar. What this treasure consisted of has been a matter of considerable speculation.


2 comments on “Catharsis

  1. PatrickDazzle
    December 1, 2011

    Can’t tell you how pleased I am to see some Culting and Pasting after such a long respite!

  2. Bad Billy
    December 3, 2011

    The only religion I could find that has a ‘Welcome to..’ website is Satanism

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