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The Remains of Charles Horman and the Killing of a Movie

“Look around—there’s only one thing of danger for you here—poetry.” P.N. Sept.1973

On September 11, 1973 there was a coup in Santiago. An elected official and his band of socially high minded poet lefties were abruptly relieved of duty in a Butch and Sundance shootout at the Chilean Central Corral. Pablo Neruda dies of a broken soul.

You know the story, Henry Kissinger has another one of his great ideas that to better Merica’s interests in South Merica, we should install strong arms that will deliver copper and cheap labor on time and on our terms. Operation Condor was an elective surgery that went terribly wrong and left lasting injuries.

One of the side effects was the murder of journalist Charles Horman. He was following up on the links between the CIA and Pinochet, real journalism. Charles was died and his family received somebody else’s body to grieve on. There was even a movie made about the whole thing. Jack Lemmon got the golden palm for his part.

But the film wasn’t released as planned, US ambassador Davis sued Universal for 150 million and the settlement didn’t allow for stateside release until 2006. Meanwhile Charles Horman’s body is missing along with hundreds of others. He may still be in the stadium, he may be in the South Pacific food chain.

Now a judge is asking questions.


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