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So big you fail

There’s a great video segment below on how Countrywide Mortgage and Bank of America are really bad at doing anything but short term pickpocketing.

60 minutes does have its moments, especially when the programming is not conspicuously acting out a sad marketing mouthpiece for CBS and its executive interests

(case in point: the segment of the show after the financial story below was about how singer Michael Buble has a wonderful christmas album that everybody is eating up… from the preteen hipsterling to the aged invalid). If you don’t know who Michael Buble is click on the image below



The point is employee of the year is Eileen Foster and she deserves a medal.

She got blown off when Countrywide merged with BoA. Why? Because she did the right thing. She took actions that would prevent further banking meltdown. The Justice department is sad, and after watching this i’m in awe of everyone’s answer as to why no one is following up (“i don’t know”). The 2 ton elephant in the room is that everyone in an authority position is sleeping with the bank and can’t roll over.


I think the reason why i don’t trust large corporations (or large government for that matter) is the same reason i don’t trust a mob. The displacement of responsibility is too large for it to function the way it was created to.

The good of the whole is outweighed by it’s lack of internal integrity


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