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Onions and other vegetative emotional states


Crying and tears may be favored by natural selection because they bring about helping behaviour by the spectator.

Dug this paper up.

Crying behavior in the human adult.
Frey, William H; et al
Integrative Psychiatry, Vol 1(3), Sep-Oct 1983, 94-98.

Someone got a grant to study patterns in crying of 286 adults and went to great lengths to measure ACTH in tears. Conclusions showed a difference in Emotional vs. Irritant Tears. (More of a  stress signal when you cry over an emotional state than over an onion.) Also:

(1) Women cry five times as much as men.
(2) Typical crying episodes last 6 minutes for men and women.
(3) Tears are more often shed between 7 and 10 p.m.
(4) No correlation of age with crying frequency exists.
(5) 85 percent of females and 73 percent of males report they feel better after crying.

Read Abstract here

While the author concludes tears are a release mechanism of excessive hormones, i don’t buy that part. Release of emotional energy, yes and hormones accompanying the tears, yes. But the hormones flood the whole system, you can’t leak out your excessive cortisol. you can metabolize it but i don’t follow the crying it out part.


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