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2012 is Post-Apocalyptic Awareness Year


2012 may bring meltdown. it may bring the mothership. it may just bring 2013

whatever comes, you ought to be ready. here are a few gems from the projected retrofuture files to help you mentally prepare for an altered reality and more importantly, how to dress for it

Lathe of Heaven: a 1971 PBS TV movie about a guy who can alter reality with his dreams. a doctor gets involved and quickly tries to upgrade his office and heal the world. Alien Turtles save the day.

Soylent Green: In the future, riot police wear American Football helmets. Charlton Heston, a strict vegan, learns that he’s been eating non-vegan all along

Quintet: The future of fashion is some kind of high Afghan renaissance. Paul Newman is a seal hunter who somehow gets duped into being in this movie about people who are addicted to a dungeons and dragons like game

La jetée: 28 minutes of French people hiding underground and trying to get in touch with their photographic memories

Darkstar: Alien Beachballs are running rampant on a spaceship while the commander has a philosphical conversation with an undetonated bomb

Zardoz:  Omphaloskepsis is reflecting on one’s navel as a means of meditation. It’s vital to yogis, Russian Orthodox priests and the storyline of this debacle. Sean Connery was convinced to do many strange things for this piece of art.


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