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Great links compilation of Christopher Hitchens Essays

David Sessions has HERE put together a nice collection of things Christopher Hitchens wrote down before he donated his body to medical research.   Advertisements

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Another language dying: Stamp arrangement code speak

  The dying art of sending messages with hidden messages in the mail by unique stamp fixation. This a was a worldwide craze but most of the rules seem to … Continue reading

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White Christmas (1954). A vistavision view of American Idealism

This film is an “in”credible series of intricate floor shows tied together with bright colors and an amazing fireplace. the cast of characters are a super human bunch able to … Continue reading

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Last Train Ride for Fealress Reader

Ode to KIM JONG IL You  were born under a double rainbow You blew up your primary school you drank Czech Beer you drank Czech Beer And you were 38 … Continue reading

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The accidental pilot and one hell of a tail

Errol Morris is a great media man even if he didn’t option the Han Van Meegeren screenplay. Morris invented a camera lens, the interrotron equipped with a human face- his … Continue reading

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The Remains of Charles Horman and the Killing of a Movie

“Look around—there’s only one thing of danger for you here—poetry.” P.N. Sept.1973 On September 11, 1973 there was a coup in Santiago. An elected official and his band of socially … Continue reading

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observations on celebrity and public access

if tabloid news has any insight to offer, it’s that going public with your private life makes you crazy. so why are people voluntarily opening themselves up, turning their lives … Continue reading

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