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2012 is Post-Apocalyptic Awareness Year

SIX MOVIES THAT WILL HELP YOU THROUGH THE END OF THE WORLD 2012 may bring meltdown. it may bring the mothership. it may just bring 2013 whatever comes, you ought … Continue reading

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Incoming Meteor Shower, January 3-4

If the weather is right in the coming days, you may be able to see the Quadrantids coming around as many as 200 meteors per hour. Look north between the … Continue reading

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depending on things you don’t understand

Being Dependent upon things we don’t understand is nothing new. It’s only what we are dependent upon that changes. We used to depend on gods to bring the meat and … Continue reading

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Imagination and Creativity in Animals

Determining whether or not animals can be creative would require that we define what creativity means. In the meantime… in Thailand, elephants paint pictures and play improvisational fusion jazz. In … Continue reading

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the rise of food trucks and the coming hipster turf wars

There is an obvious plethora of food on the move these days. Often this food arrives by tweet and is accompanied by a whole holodeck change in environment… people juggling, … Continue reading

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Urban Molting: coping with the exoskeletal wasteland of a dying strip mall

With news that Kmart and Sears are shutting down a number of stores across the Merica,  a legitamate question is what will become of the oversized, empty shells they leave … Continue reading

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White Christmas (1954). A vistavision view of American Idealism

This film is an “in”credible series of intricate floor shows tied together with bright colors and an amazing fireplace. the cast of characters are a super human bunch able to … Continue reading

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