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be careful where you clique


Cult and Paste supports personal responsibility. The issue is not whether people are ‘good enough’ for a particular type of society; rather it is a matter of developing the kind of social institutions that are most conducive to expanding the potentialities we have for intelligence, grace, sociability and freedom


Cult and Paste is the Public Relations Arm of The Committee to reform the Committee for Misinformation, Irkukst.

In 1957 a think tank in the Far East of the Soviet Union was established to evaluate whether or not it was possible to destabilize and undermine the West at it’s own game.

This think tank, ranging at any given time from 1.5 to 11 people, included, among others, an ecologist, a surgeon, an Albanian, a composer, a stenographer, a Mathematician, A chess grand master and a reformed serial killer.

Given no money, only full access to information and spheres of influence, their strategy was to develop a mistrust in Western governments, an apathy towards public good and maintaining a sustainable infrastructure and also to understand how individuals could be willing coerced into living mediocre lives. These goals were achieved not only through manipulation of facts and misrepresentation of events at the highest levels of government, but also by forcing the inherent flaws in capitalist ideologies to be carried to their extreme ends “lest society fall into a communist trap.”

As the Cold War Progressed, the think tank was overshadowed by other competing think tanks that promoted space and nuclear arms races, and took on a more or less backwater bureacratic role.

In the early 1990’s just as the collapse of the Iron Curtain took up center stage, statistically significant bioinformatic feedback began to trickle in supporting the notion that the think tank’s campaign of misinformation was indeed working (just not fast enough to save the Soviet state from it’s debts). All Funding for the think tank ceased, and the offices closed. But the data, the strategic information, and some of the personnel disappeared… like rocket scientists.

The purpose of Cult and Paste is to redirect the misdirection, remember those members who’s help we again require and to dismember those members who have sold their skills and moral sentiment for short term selfish profitability. There is no place for misinformation without the purpose for the greater motherland’s good. There is also little time to waste. This is a tenant of the Committee to reform the Committee for Misinformation, Irkukst- As there is no paternalistic motherland anymore,  the age of misinformation must die.


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